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            The 6051 polyimide film can also be changed to a variety of hydrolysis resistance.

            2020-06-27 00:00:00

            6051 polyimide film is a new type of high temperature resistant organic polymer film, which is made of pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA) diaminodiphenyl ether (ODA) in a very strong solvent dimethylacetamide (DMAC). ) Is formed by polycondensation salivation to form a film, then imidization. It is currently the world's best-performing thin-film insulating material, with excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, chemical stability high radiation resistance. High temperature resistance low temperature resistance (-269 ℃ to + 400 ℃ ), trial production of polyimide film (PI film) in 1962, production began in 1965, the brand name is KAPTON.

            Polyimide tape, also called golden finger tape. According to different uses, it can be divided into high temperature tape, anti-static tape, insulation tape, etc.

            Used for soldering support for flexible circuit boards, as high-end electronic insulation materials auxiliary fixed use in various high temperature environments, such as flexible circuit board production high temperature bonding of electronic components.

            Some polyimide varieties are insoluble in organic solvents, stable to dilute acids, general varieties are resistant to hydrolysis. This seemingly shortcoming performance makes polyimide different other high-performance polymers. , Which can use alkaline hydrolysis to recover the raw material dianhydride diamine, for example, for Kapton film, the recovery rate can reach 80%-90%. Colorless transparent polyimide film, polyimide film can change the structure to get quite hydrolysis resistant varieties, such as can withstand 120℃, 500 hours boiling.

            In addition, it is also particularly suitable for fixing the flexible circuit board with the fixture when it is reflowed.

            Why is this? Naturally, it is because when it is produced, the selected material has a strong particularity, this special performance is better adapted to plastics. The plastic itself also has a certain degree of smoothness, the surface is also planed. It is difficult for such a general tape to have an effect on this substance, but the polyimide film is . When it is used, it shows its own fundamental characteristics.

            Moreover, plastics are also divided into soft hard. Of course, there are certain differences between the two different plastics in the selected tape, but there is a strange phenomenon. This kind of plastic can also use 6052 polyimide film. The tape itself also has a certain quality. It is precisely because of this that although it has adhesion, it cannot be overlapped with the plastic, but this tape is . It has a certain degree of stretchability, so it will show on the plastic. It is very adaptable.



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