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            北京Polyimide Film

            2020-07-21 15:48:02
            北京Polyimide Film

            Polyimide film  F46 composite film

            It has excellent high  low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, adhesion, radiation resistance,  medium resistance. It can be used for a long time in the temperature range as low as -269℃ to +400℃. The composite film also has the characteristics of high temperature self-adhesive sealing. They can be used as the insulating layer of high temperature resistant flexible printed circuit substrates, flat circuits, wires  cables, magnet wires,  as the insulation of various motors. It has been widely used in aircraft, spacecraft, nuclear industry, nuclear submarines, electric locomotives, audio devices, instrument communications, petrochemicals  other industrial sectors.

            ●Detailed technical parameters (click to view)

            ●H-type polyimide film technical parameters (click to view)

            ●F-type polyimide film technical parameters (click to view)





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